David Irving

David John Cawdell Irving (born 24 March 1938) is an English Holocaust denier and author who has written on the military and political history of World War II, with a focus on Nazi Germany. His works include The Destruction of Dresden, ”Hitler’s War (1977), Churchill’s War (1987), and Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich” (1996). Though Irving’s revisionist views of World War II were never taken seriously by mainstream historians, he was once recognized for his knowledge of Nazi Germany and his ability to unearth new historical documents. Irving marginalized himself in 1988 when, based on his reading of the pseudoscientific Irving’s reputation as a historian was discredited*”In 1969, after David Irving’s support for Rolf Hochhuth, the German playwright who accused Winston Churchill of murdering the Polish wartime leader General Sikorski, The Daily Telegraph issued a memo to all its correspondents. ‚It is incorrect,’ it said, ‚to describe David Irving as a historian. In future we should describe him as an author.'”

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